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Hey Hey Hey and Yo to all the M*A*S*H fans <3
I've made tons of icons and now would like to share with the rest of the class!

Here's how it breaks down
127 icons
37 Commander in Chief
52 Homicide: Life on the Street
03 Manga Haruka Minami
22 M*A*S*H

13 Kyle Secor

Fandoms are love

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let's make it real

Just go here:

Click "make calls" and you get a "call block" and a script and you are ready to go! SO SO EASY.

I live in Texas and I have made about a dozen calls and so far-not one supporter..all undecided. So, long story short- sign up and make a few phone calls because WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!

If everyone made 5 phonecalls...well I dont know how many that would be because i have no clue how many people are on this list, but it would be amazing!

Let's support her with our time-take one hour for the millions of hours she has given and has pledged to support us!

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Lets do this guys!!! This is a letter from White House Project.

ABC has announced that they will shelve Commander in Chief for the rest of the season and may not renew the show for a second season. ABC executives will make their final decision about the show on May 13th. But, there is still time to influence the decision-makers at the network.

Please contact ABC and ask them to give the show a fair shot-with a regular time slot and an uninterrupted season.

Call ABC at 818-460-0000 today.
Ask for Steve McPherson-President, ABC Primetime Entertainment.

Let him know that you are disappointed by ABC's decision to give up on a show that means so much to so many people. Commander in Chief is a bright spot in a television lineup virtually bereft of important and groundbreaking ideas. Geena Davis' compelling portrayal of President McKenzie Allen - a woman in full command of her power and her country - only served to buffer America's belief that a woman can and should lead our nation.

On Tuesday at our EPIC awards dinner in New York, we honored Geena Davis and Rod Lurie for creating a show that has inspired a new generation of young women to believe that they too can be leaders- in the classroom, in the boardroom and in government. Think of these young women when you make your call.

Monumental change can occur when a core group of dedicated people come together with a common goal.

Many thanks,
The White House Project
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pimp post

since tonight sees the return of CiC to the airwaves, I threw together a quick post to pimp it to some of my friends who've never watched before. I figured I'd share it with ya'll, just in case you wanted to share it with the nonwatchers on your flists. the more people we get to watch, the better, right?

Commander in Chief: watch it now!
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I realize this is a huge request, but i need them for a project. If you have commander in chief downloaded and would like to put it up somewhere please give me the link. I will take whatever episodes anyone has to offer, but i'm really the episode where Mac holds the press conference to discuss the book and Teddy's last wishes. I believe its Ep. 5, but i'm not postive.

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does anyone know...

hi i'm new here and have a question. i've looked around on the abc site etc, but can't find an answer...

does anyone know why mac's last name is allen and rod's is calloway? it's been bugging me ever since i saw the pilot (albeit 2 days ago and i had a marathon of commander in chief over the weekend).

the show hasn't started in australia, it starts next week, but i downloaded 12 episodes and watched them all weekend.


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So I just got home from my Management class (I'm in college)

And my professor made a reference to last night's episode

We were talking about effective/efficient management and she talked about last night's episode where Mac had the situation with the sub and had to be effective in getting the problem solved and then goes on to talk about how effective she was with negotiating with the Chinese

I thought I'd share that
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